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Udawadiya Male - A Popular Sinhala Song by Lavan Abhishek

Udawadiya Male is a Sinhala song by Lavan Abhishek, a Sri Lankan singer and songwriter. The song was released in 2021 and became a viral hit on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. The song is about a young man who falls in love with a girl from a different caste and faces opposition from his family and society. The song has a catchy melody and lyrics that express the emotions of the lovers.

The song was composed by Lavan Abhishek himself, who also wrote the lyrics with the help of his friend Nimesh Kulasinghe. The music was produced by Prageeth Perera, a renowned music director in Sri Lanka. The song features the vocals of Lavan Abhishek and Nimesh Kulasinghe, who also sang the chorus. The song was recorded at Dream Studio in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


The song was released on Boomplay, a music streaming platform that operates in Africa and Asia. The song has received over 10 million streams on Boomplay as of September 2023. The song also has a music video that was uploaded on YouTube on February 14, 2021. The music video was directed by Hasitha Vithanage and features Lavan Abhishek and actress Tharushi Perera as the lead characters. The music video has received over 100 million views on YouTube as of September 2023.

The song has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The song has been praised for its catchy tune, meaningful lyrics, and relatable theme. The song has also been appreciated for its social message of promoting inter-caste harmony and love. The song has won several awards, including the Best Song of the Year award at the Derana Music Video Awards 2021.

Udawadiya Male is one of the most popular Sinhala songs of 2021 and has become a cultural phenomenon in Sri Lanka and beyond. The song has inspired many people to express their love and overcome social barriers. The song has also spawned many covers, remixes, parodies, and memes on various platforms. Udawadiya Male is a song that celebrates love and diversity in a beautiful way.

If you want to listen to Udawadiya Male or download it as an MP3 file, you can visit the following links:

  • [Boomplay]

  • [SoundCloud]

  • [YouTube]


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