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Never in history has a group of individuals put a song and line dance together that will be released solely for charity purposes. 

Donations derived from the song “Line Dancing” on all music platforms will be donated to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) indefinitely every time the song is played. 


Line Dancin” was written and recorded at in Mesa, Az. 


Bobby Joe Bell wrote and collaborated The Song “Line Dancin” with over 20 Musicians, Artists, Vocalists & Beat makers of all genres of music including; 

Country, Hip hop, R&B and Rock.


This song was created from the heart of music lovers, with the help of talented Military Veterans and CRAS Students 

(Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences).


As you listen through the first few minutes of the song, you will hear..   

“Raise Them Hands For ASD” 

(Autism Spectrum Disorder). 


Life is what you make of it, and as you may know, music is something everyone in the world knows and relates too.


We are using music as well as our voices to make a difference in the world one song at a time. 

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