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What Causes Autism?

Scientists believe that the cause of ASD has to do with both the genetics and the environment. There is concern because the rates of autism has been increasing with a confusion question of "why?". Studies suggest that a disruption of normal brain growth in a very early development is the result of ASD. It is said that autism is more common in children who are born prematurely. No specific environmental causes have been identified as of yet, but environmental factors may also plan a role in gene function and development.


Some scientists speculate that gene variants cause autism, while others believe environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins, contribute to this neurotype. Still others theorize imbalances in the intestinal microbiome may be at play.


The latest autism research includes investigations into factors associated with this neurotype, as well as genetic variants, gut biome imbalances, and neurological factors that may contribute to it.

Medical News Today examines the latest scientific discoveries and what researchers have learned about autism.

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