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[S8E15] The One With The Birthing Video

The One With The Birthing VideoSeason 8, episode 15185th overall episode of FriendsMonica, Rachel and Chandler watch the birthing video. Rachel watching it for the first time.Episode InformationAir dateFebruary 7, 2002Written byDana Klein BorkowDirected byKevin S. BrightEpisode GuidePreviousThe One With The Secret ClosetNextThe One Where Joey Tells Rachel

[S8E15] The One With The Birthing Video

Phoebe gives a birthing video to Ross to pass on to Rachel, but he forgets about it and leaves it at Monica's. When Chandler comes home from work, he thinks Monica got him porn for Valentine's Day and watches the tape, which freaks him out. When Monica shows him that she actually got him porn, on another tape, Chandler isn't in the mood anymore. When he also shows it to Monica, she's shocked too and their Valentine's Day is effectively ruined. When Rachel comes in, they give the tape to her but at first refuse to watch it with her. Rachel finally convinces them to watch it together, when they finally see the end of the tape, where the baby is born and everybody's really happy, though Rachel doesn't agree.

The episode ends with Rachel sitting down to watch what she thinks is the birth video but turns out to be the porn movie Monica got for Chandler, though she thinks it's the birthing video beginning with how she got pregnant.

Barney later breaks into Robin's apartment to read her old journals. He then flies to Canada to find the guy Robin was obsessed with. He meets two of Robin's exes, neither of whom is the guy Robin was obsessed with. He then meets Simon. He tells Barney about a video documentary, "Robin Sparkles: Underneath the Tunes", which tells the whole story. Barney runs out of the restaurant to find the documentary. Barney then goes back to the apartment and tells the others (minus Robin) that he found another Robin Sparkles related video. They watch the video, which tells the story of how Robin Sparkles changed, and includes interviews with other Canadian celebrities about what happened at that time. The video explains that Robin cracked and wrote a grunge song P.S. I Love You as "Robin Daggers", a darker alter ego. The song was so dark that Dominant Records refused to release it. The gang then see the video to the song and are shocked to see Robin's darker side. The video then shows Robin's performance during the half time show of the 84th Grey Cup. Robin tells the spectators that Robin Sparkles is dead and she will be known from that point on as Robin Daggers. She then takes off her Robin Sparkles wig and jacket to reveal a darker look, and starts singing P.S. I Love You. The video further says that the one name that comes more than any other about who P.S. I Love You was about is Alan Thicke. Barney goes to his apartment to fight him, but returns with a black eye. Robin asks what happened to him and he tells her that they saw "Robin Sparkles: Underneath the Tunes" and that lead him to Alan Thicke who he fought. Alan Thicke tells him that "P.S. I Love You" song was not about him. Robin then says that it looks like Barney has become obsessed, which he realizes is true. He admits that anyone could become obsessed. Robin then tells them that P.S I Love was about "P.S." - Paul Shaffer. She is sorry about scaring Paul Shaffer who was sitting in the front row of the Grey Cup, but she has no regrets as she was done being Robin Sparkles. 041b061a72


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