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Buy Tickets To Ellen Degeneres Show

The Ellen show is different than some other shows. You cannot just show up and hope for the best. If you do not have a standby ticket, you will not be admitted, or even considered. Call this number the day of the showing. Make sure to call before Noon or your request will not be considered. Gates for the open at 9:00 AM. The Ellen show only gives a certain amount of standby tickets, so call early. Here it is: 818-954-5929.

buy tickets to ellen degeneres show


*We are not affiliated with the Ellen Degeneres show, Warner Bros Studios, or any other organization mentioned above. This information is for your consideration, but may have some inaccuracies. Always consult the Ellen show for official information. Do not contact us requesting tickets, as we have no ability to provide tickets to any of the shows. We only provide information.

Snag a seat on the set of Ellen or Family Feud with our guide to getting TV show tickets in L.A. Be sure to check the ticket websites for updates on hiatus schedules, vaccination requirements, COVID protocols and more.

Attend a taping at Jimmy Kimmel Live Studios to see a diverse lineup of guests including celebrities, athletes, comedians and more. The show has comedian and host Kimmel sussing out his take on pop-culture topics and events in the news. Scope out the schedule for musical guests and performances. For day-of tickets, a standby line forms in front of the studio about 90 minutes before call time.

One can visit the official website for EllenTube for availing tickets for the show. Due to the ongoing pandemic, right now, only virtual audience participation is allowed. According to the show's website: ''Tickets can only be requested when the day reads 'Tickets Available.' Blank days are not available to be requested at this time. Fully booked days have already been released on the calendar and are closed for ticketing requests."

It also clarifies that submitting a form "does NOT guarantee tickets to the show". The information page says: "A representative from our audience department will email you to book you in the order in which your request was received. If you do not receive an email within two weeks of the date of which you submitted, please resubmit with a new date selection." Since not everyone who applies for tickets will be able to get a spot in the end, the showrunners have apologized in advance. "We love all of our fans, and want to accommodate each and every one of you. If you don't hear from us, submit again, and we'll do our best to get you tickets!" the website said.

In addition, this month, NBC is giving away tickets to some lucky winners for the Ellen show's '12 Days Of Giveaways!' Journalist Robin Rock tweeted: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show wants to spread some May Goodness so they're giving you a chance to win $250 and a virtual ticket to one of Ellen's 12 Days Of Giveaways! Tune in weekdays at 3PM on NBC 5 Chicago and listen to me 11:35am each day this week for your chance to win!"

Some fans who were saddened by the show ending, hopped onto Twitter to beg the show to grant them a spot in the audience in the final season. "@TheEllenShow Can I get tickets to your final show in 2022, please?" one of them wrote. Another said, "@TheEllenShow will miss you! Please give me tickets one last time for season 19."

A third wrote, "@TheEllenShow please can you send me some tickets. I want to come to your show so badly. but I don't know what the cost is down there for a motel. I am disabled myself chronic pain so my budget is real thin. I don't want you to end your show without me going see you please." One more noted, "Hopefully, @TheEllenShow hooks me up with a #12DaysOfGiveaways show tickets before she says her last goodbye. I also want to win the lottery."

The next remarked, "I'm still waiting for tickets to the show and that was since 2019...oh well I guess I won't be an audience in Ellen DeGeneres show." One more added, "Congratulations @TheEllenShow Great run and thanks for the good deeds and laughs. Been trying for show tickets for years."

Dr. Phil's success stems from his "get real" approach to helping his guests solve their problems. Be in the audience or on the show. Order online or by telephone (323-461-PHIL). The Dr Phil show accommodates group events by issuing "group priority" tickets for groups of ten or more people. They provide free charter transportation for groups of 40-47 people. See Dr. Phil's website to request more information, or call them at (323) 956-3319.

[currently not filming with live audience]"THE REAL" is led by five bold, diverse and outspoken hosts -- Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley. Their fresh points of view, youthful energy and passion will turn the traditional talk show on its head. THE REAL tapes at Warner Bros. Studios, in Burbank. Audience members must be at least 18 years of age. Check out the website for tickets.

[currently not filming with live audience]Famous daytime talk show featuring celebrity interviews, current event topics and comedy. The Ellen DeGeneres Show tapes at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. All requests for tickets must be made online. Audience members must be at least 14 years old (proof of age is required). There are a limited number of Standby Tickets available on the day of the taping. See the website for details and to request tickets.

Audiences Unlimited[Tickets not available until at least mid-July]Audiences Unlimited, Inc. is the exclusive studio audience ticket representative for over 30 shows filmed at various television production facilities in the greater Los Angeles area. This is a great source for TV studio tickets.

On-Camera Audiences has complimentary tickets to popular TV shows such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Family Fued, Big Brother and Tosh.O as well as sitcoms, comedy specials, award shows, and special events. To find shows in the L.A. area, look at the following cities in the Locations menu: Burbank, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Studio City.

The riff-raff room is where the Ellen Shop is located. It is on the backside of the studio audience. There are cushioned benches where standby ticket holders who do not make it into the main audience can stay and watch the taping. Back in 2012 when I first went to the show I wound up in the riff-raff room. Everyone was given a ticket and three numbers were pulled out of a jar. My number was one of the ones selected and my prize was two tickets to 12 Days.

I know that you have no control when you go to a taping as to whether or not the audience wins 12 Day tickets. It is something we have no control over but, when you go to the taping there is always a chance that it could happen to you. So if you ever get a chance to go to a taping of the show please go!

Ellen gives fans a few different ways that they can win tickets. In 2019 some people won tickets by creating dancing videos and submitting them to her team. She has also hosted contests through her website and social media. Plus, even if you are unable to win the tickets to the show someone watching each of the 12 Days will be a winner from home and receive prizes as well.

An independent show guide not a venue or show. All tickets 100% guaranteed, some are resale, prices may be above face value.We're an independent show guide not a venue or show. We sell primary, discount and resale tickets, all 100% guaranteed prices may be above face value.We are an independent show guide not a venue or show. We sell primary, discount and resale tickets, all 100% guaranteed and they may be priced above or below face value.

She's back! Comedian, presenter, and undoubted national treasure Ellen DeGeneres is returning to her roots, with a series of stand-up shows this August. She'll be visiting three cities, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle, with tickets officially going on sale June 22. The Seattle dates will be filmed for a Netflix comedy special.

We want to inform you about a favorite musician, comedian, play or other entertainer scheduled to perform next week with information such as when tickets go on sale for a show and where to find tickets already available.

It is recommended to request tickets at least 3 weeks in advance, as the audience department will usually contact you approximately two weeks before the show to inform you of whether or not your request was honored.

As with other talk shows, you can request tickets for free without much hassle. A ticket most likely won't guarantee admission, but the audience department has not indicated that they expect demand to surpass supply.

Due to third-party scalping and counterfeit tickets, a Valid photo I.D. will now be required to claim seats. This includes, but is not limited to, the following sites: Craigslist, Vivid Seats, Seat Geek, Cheap Tickets, Tickets On, Stubhub and any site that is not or Seats may be claimed at door open time for the show you are attending. Purchaser must have valid ID to be let in. Please call the Zanies Box Office at (615) 269-0221 for assistance

From time to time, a VIP experience is often offered. The last time it was offered, via, the price was $5,000. This package included two tickets, a backstage tour, a guided lot tour with lunch, roundtrip airfare, three nights in a hotel suite, a rental car, limo ride to the show and a $75 dining credit.

If you are interested in attending a live taping of your favorite show, your best bet would be to visit where you will find all the information you need. For tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show, visit

By going to this link, you can find a calendar with dates for the show. Tickets to the show are released about two months in advance, and the tickets are released for two weeks worth of taping at a time. You must be 18 years old to request tickets to the show, and everyone in your party must be at least 14 years old.

Keep in mind when requesting your ticket that all shows are located in Burbank, CA. If no tickets are available for the date you are requesting, you will receive a message stating the show is fully booked. This email may also offer insight on when to book for; for instance, if the show is booked for the entire season, the email may advise you to book for the next season instead. 041b061a72


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