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Faronics Insight Full Version Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

so, we can understand that it is absolutely necessary that the solution has the ability to monitor a large number of computers in the network. faronics insight has this ability and is not limited to just monitoring one computer. faronics insight can monitor each computer in the network in one easy to view dashboard in real-time.

Faronics Insight Full Version Download


flexibility and ease of use insight provides a wide range of features for instructors to manage the learning process. students and teachers will be able to use the software to their best advantage. the software has a graphical user interface and provides the necessary tools for the instructors to run their courses. it has a built-in teacher dashboard that provides a central location for all the students' activities in one place. the software automatically detects the students' profiles and displays this data in one display. an individual student can be assigned multiple tasks (exams, presentations, projects, homework, etc.). each task can be assigned to a specific date and time. instructors and students can quickly and easily track the progress of each student. the software's student dashboard displays all the student information and a student's progress on a task. the software also keeps track of student attendance and marks. teachers can share all information about their students with other instructors and their students.

insight is software designed to monitor student activity on the lab desktops and integrate that with the instructors lesson. the software is a non-invasive means of ensuring students are following with lectures and labs as instructed to do so, in addition to being capable of administering tests, collecting files, casting student votes, restricting application use, and limiting web access. often, professors in the ischool conduct hands-on laboratory sessions, and insight helps ensure that students are following with the exercise. also, electronically administered exams take place in the laboratories, and professors can heavily restrict internet access and browser capabilities, in addition to monitoring the screens of each student in one easy to view dashboard in real-time.


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