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Ezra Reyes
Ezra Reyes

The Little Book Of Main Street Money: 21 Simple... 'LINK'

From now on, 'significant' to me means me life changing. Nothing less than that. I set myself the personal goal to have an impact on one person every new day. To make a difference in their lives. So for today, it was a big life changer for me. When preparing to plant some coconut trees near the beach, I went on my mission to fulfill my intentions. At the corner of main street, I saw this older local I had seen earlier that day, and I must admit, I was kind of wondering what he was still doing there. Anyway, I realized that this older guy wasn't wearing any shoes. So I walked over to the guy and asked him if he wanted to have my pair of shoes (No, I wasn't barefoot after. I had a second pair with me). He accepted them and I left. I was so nervous and confused. I hope he doesn't think that I think I'm better off. That's all I was thinking at that point in time. There's no way I think that. If I learned one thing in the past few days it's definitely their high quality of life. The locals here are so grateful and simply happy. And that's without a guaranteed meal at night or those good sneakers to walk those five miles to school every single day. So there I was. Confused. Nervous. `Breathe Soph. Go back and tell him how you feel.' So I did.

The Little Book of Main Street Money: 21 Simple...

Her book found ready sale, and with the proceeds and contributions from charitably disposed persons, she succeeding in securing four acres of land on the outskirts of the city, and in a little two-room house, with five orphans, she began her work of caring for the friendless children. As her work became known, friends of both races, North and South, would help her. Friends of the North remembered her and are yet remembering her with gifts of clothing. 041b061a72


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