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"The Flight Attendant" Seeing Double(2022)

At the airport, she meets up with Shane Evans. Cassie mentions their "secret work," but he tells her that what she does and what he does are two very different things. He comments that she seems very put-together and asks about her boyfriend. She asks about his own boyfriend, quipping that he must be imaginary since he won't let her meet him. She steels herself upon seeing Jada, who will be on the flight with her. Jada tells Cassie that she is the lead, so "no shenanigans." Cassie tells her that it's okay, that she is sober now. Jada agrees that if this is so, they will be "good as gold."

"The Flight Attendant" Seeing Double(2022)

Cassie Bowden's deceptively perfect life is about to come crashing down all over again. On April 4, HBO Max released the official trailer for "The Flight Attendant" season two, and Kaley Cuoco is seeing double. "My life and everything, it just all feels pretty great," Cassie says during an AA meeting in the clip. "So most of you know my story by now but, um, I'm still a flight attendant and I've been making better choices," she adds in a teaser trailer posted on March 17. "I moved to LA, met this great guy, picked up a part-time job. I kind of feel like I'm turning into this whole new person." 041b061a72


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